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Given a stringent effluent discharge limit from regulatory authorities and rising fresh water scarcity, it has become more important than ever to not only sufficiently treat wastewater but effectively recycle it.


It has become extremely important for industries in developing world to consider recycling of wastewater to improve their operational and cost sustainability. Due to technological advances in various water treatment equipment and supplies, it has become economically feasible for users to consider diverse options for their plants.


GreenPebble Technologies offers extensive range of technological and system based options to treat, recycle and reuse effluent customized to various industries based on their overall goals and growth strategy. Our containerized, prefabrication and factory tested ETP or STP plants can be easily transported and deployed to reduce construction and commissioning time.


Our ZLD solutions portfolio includes various technologies Forward Osmosis (FO), Reverse Osmosis (RO), Membrane Distillation (MD), Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) that caters to the need of  various capacities of 10- 500 KLD.


Our patented hybrid Forward Osmosis (FO) technology can handle complex inlet feed stream of high COD, hardness precursors and salt concentration. FO is a naturally occurring osmosis process across membrane and it requires no additional feed pressure.


FO requires product water recovery from feed to be accomplished by supplying synthetic draw solution across the membrane. This creates osmotic pressure across the membrane allowing clear water to flow from feed to draw solution side. The diluted draw containing product water exits FO system and enters into draw recovery unit. The recovery unit separates product water for reuse purpose and concentrated draw solution is again fed back to FO unit. GreenPebble Technologies has developed various routes to recover draw solution of desired quality by developing novel methods that includes by using various draw solutions and correspondingly by employing different unit operations.


FO system can be implemented as a pretreatment to RO or Multi Effect Evaporator to improve operational and process effectiveness. As FO relies on low pressure conditions, there will be less tendency for membrane fouling and scaling which in turn reduces operation and maintenance costs.


GreenPebble Technologies develops and implements integrated FO system of various capacities ranging from 30- 500 KLD in a containerized manner. Such system is designed to handle feed salt concentration of 3%-9% to recover water up to 70% recovery.


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