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Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD)

Sustainable Brine Shrinker

Brine minimization is a major challenge in any industrial water treatment process which severely impacts natural ecosystem and comes with costly treatment methods.

GreenPebble Technologies’ patented Sustainable Brine Shrinker (SBS*) technology smartly combines arrays of various membrane technologies including Forward Osmosis (FO) with Nanofiltration, Reverse Osmosis (RO) or Membrane Distillation (MD) system for draw solution recovery.

As SBS incorporates Forward Osmosis (FO) to generate osmotic pressure to extract clean and fresh water from high salinity feed stream, there is no need to apply additional hydraulic pressure on feed side (like RO).

The feed stream water recovery is accomplished using draw solution in FO process which eventually gives concentrated feed against diluted draw solution. The reconcentration of draw solution is an essential step for the continuity of integrated operation. Depending on draw solution concentration, SBS integrates suitable technological options such as RO, NF or membrane distillation (MD) to regenerate draw solution.

Typical areas of application for SBS are;

  • High salinity water recovery
  • Sea water desalination brine minimization
  • Leachate treatment
  • Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) of industrial effluent
  • Produced water treatment in oil and gas
  • Cooling tower and boiler blowdown recovery


  • 50% reduction in brine
  • High product water quality as per WHO standards
  • Less operation and maintenance
  • Utilizes readily available utilities such as electricity or waste heat
  • Minimum chemical usage
  • Robust, reliable and proven technology
  • Fully or semi-automatic plant operation
  • Longer up time

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* Trademark of GreenPebble Technologies LLP

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