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Pervaporation System

Advanced Membrane Separation for Resource Recovery 

Pervaporation is a membrane molecular separation technology- utilised for selective permeation of diffusive component from aqueous-organic mixtures. 

GPT is a manufacturer, supplier and technology solutions provider of proprietary pervaporation system. Pervaporation system is ideally suited for resource recovery and waste valorisation for industries and can be a part of effluent treatment plant setup.

The pervaporation process is carried out in a dense polymeric membrane layer that are functionalized with either hydrophilic or organophilic which is responsible for physico-chemical separation and mass transport of molecules through the membrane.

Application Areas:​

  • Solvent Recovery

  • Ethanol- Water Separation

  • Purification or separation of pharma or biotech product stream

  • Organic-Aqueous selective separation

  • Separation of organic mixtures

  • Effluent Treatment Plant and ZLD

  • Brine Minimisation

  • Concentration of aqueous stream

Pervaporation Membrane System
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