Membrane Distillation for Industrial Water Treatment and Recovery of Resources

Membrane Distillation

Resource Recovery and Brine Minimization using Sustainable and Advance MD

The MD process relies on water vapor transport through porous hydrophobic membranes using partial vapor pressure difference across hydrophobic membrane.


MD is a specifically designed and innovative membrane process that helps to treat wastewater with high salinity efficiently, economically and sustainably.

The MD process recovers product water from feed source at a significantly lower energy compared to conventional methods. The technology is ideally suited for applications of low temperature dewatering of food and beverages, ZLD, brine minimization and desalination etc to meet regulatory compliances, to reduce OpEx and to increase water usage efficiency.

GPT is a sustainable solutions provider and is engaged in designing and manufacturing of industrial wastewater and effluent treatment plant in India. We also offer MD as part of ETP and ZLD plants to improve energy efficiency and operational effectiveness.

MD can be a promising alternative to conventional thermal processes. MD process eliminates the need for complex and expensive evaporation and crystallization unit operations. Moreover, the process economics becomes extremely favorable if waste heat or natural heat source (i.e. solar evaporation) are available- reducing per unit cost of product water and thereby achieving integrated, compact, economical and sustainable process solutions.

When compared to conventional methods, our unique technology offers;

  • Low pressure and low temperature operation

  • Low operating costs

  • High water recovery up to 90%

  • Excellent product water quality

  • Simple operation and less maintenance

  • Modular configuration

  • Less fouling

  • Multimode operation

  • Capable of treating wide range of feed characteristics



- Acid Recovery

- Zero Liquid Discharge

- Valuable Minerals Recovery

- Brine Minimization

- Wastewater Recovery and Recycle