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Polluted Water

Wastewater Treatment in Textile Industry


Prioritizing ESG Goals using Advanced Wastewater Treatment Plant Systems 

We have dedicated process and product solutions that are suitable for harsh and demanding conditions of textile industries.

The textile industry is traditionally water intensive sector and generates effluent with high amount of TDS, TSS and COD. Therefore, it is extremely important to adopt new technologies to effectively treat and recycle the effluent to meet strict environmental standards and achieve water sustainability.

Conventional industrial wastewater treatment technologies consist of multiple stages of pretreatment, Reverse Osmosis, Evaporator and Crystallization system. They require high operational footprint, high capital and O&M costs. Additionally, they are difficult to maintain and gives overall high cost of ownership. 

GPT’s patented SBS© system is based on Forward Osmosis (FO) technology which offers multitude of advantages of low energy consumption, less fouling, less chemical use while providing more than 70% water recovery.

Some of the typical solutions that we offer are as follows:

- Zero Liquid Discharge

- Caustic Recovery

- Dyes and PVA Recovery

- Color Removal

- Raw Water Treatment Plant

- Wastewater Treatment Plant

- MBR Technology for ZLD

We can provide waste water treatment solutions with new designs or with retrofitting improved processes. 

Our advanced membrane filtration product portfolio can deliver efficient, cost-effective, environmental friendly and low energy solution compared to conventional treatment methods.

Contact us to get a free evaluation of your specific requirement at the earliest.

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