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Sewage Treatment Plants

Compact, Prefabricated and Modular STP for Wastewater treatment

Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) Manufacturer

GreenPebble Tech is a leading sewage treatment plant manufacturer in India, offering compact, modern and customized STPs to meet stringent environment discharge limits for an individual residence or for a cluster of housing or for a commercial facility.

If decentralized & mini STP is implemented in a fully integrated fashion, it will significantly reduce the need of fresh water and in turn lower the burden on natural resources.

In developing countries- especially for India- where fresh water availability is scare, it is even more critical to consider advanced treatment of sewage wastewater as an integral part of infrastructure development. 

Decetralized STP can be implemented at all scales from rural, semi-urban to urban area in a most space-efficient an affordable manner.

GPT's STP setup comes with complete wastewater treatment system providing excellent product water quality for reuse purpose as per regulatory compliance and with significantly lower maintenance. The treated water is suitable for reuse in applications such as cleaning, flushing, gardening, washing etc.

Our most advanced and integrated system guarantees to meet stringent standards of discharge limits of effluent treatment plant in India and elsewhere.

We provide fully integrated, prefabricated and factory tested STP for variety of capacities ranging from 10 to 500 m3/day. The system is fully capable of removing organic & inorganic substance, colloidal particles, suspended solids, pathogens, high Mw components etc.

Our standard prefabricated STP includes:

  • Raw sewage transfer pump

  • Primary or physical treatment of wastewater with coarse & fine screen followed by the oil skimmer

  • Secondary treatment of sewage wastewater with prefabricated plant setup comprising of tanks such as equalization, anoxic or anaerobic chamber, aerobic biological treatment, MBBR, settling or Membrane Bioreactor (MBR Technology) tank 

  • Sludge treatment setup including filter press or screw press dewatering unit

  • Product/treated water chamber

  • Pumps and blowers assembly

  • Diffused aeration grid

  • Post-treatment with microfiltration or ultrafiltration system

  • Reverse Osmosis System (optional)

  • UV or Chlorine-based disinfection system

  • Skid structure along with piping, support and fittings

  • Control panel with automatic on-off system

  • Analytical instruments/sensors fitted with IoT platform (optional)

Advantage of GPT's STP System

  • Meeting stringent discharge limits of regulatory authority

  • Excellent product water quality suitable for recycle and reuse purpose

  • Robust, reliable and proven technology

  • Minimal operation and maintenance burden

  • Simple operation and easily deployable

  • Retrofittable

  • Affordable STP plant and operation costs

  • Containerized sewage treatment plant setup

Application areas for sewage treatment

  • Domestic sewage wastewater treatment in residential complex 

  • Mini STP for hospitals and health centres 

  • Ships and cruise line wastewater treatment

  • Hotels and resorts sewage treatment

  • Commercial complexes

  • Restaurants and eateries

  • Hostels and guest-houses

  • Housing society or community centres

  • Movie theatres or recreational centres 

  • Sports complexs


The technology selection of sewage treatment plant depends on the available resources, regulatory compliances and end-use purpose of treated water. Due to their reliability, performance and sustainability, GPT mainly provides MBR and MBBR based STP systems.

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