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Efficient, Reliable and Sustainable Solutions for Water and Wastewater Treatment 

We provide wide range of products and services for industrial wastewater treatment and effluent treatment plant (ETP) solutions for clients in India and elsewhere. Some of the applications we specialise are: wastewater recycle & reuse, Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD), Brine Minimization for RO reject, valuable minerals extraction and mining, sea water desalination etc. 

Apart from our industry vertical, we are also a sewage treatment plant manufacturer offering packaged, prefabricated and modular setup. Our compact STPs provide excellent treated water quality meeting stringent environmental compliances.

Moreover, we supply innovative membrane products such as UF, NF, RO, Membrane Bioreactor (MBR Membrane module and plant setup), Forward Osmosis (FO) membrane and plant systems, membrane distillation and EDR systems. 


Comprehensive products and services for Chemical Process Industry to reduce waste and increase sustainability.
- Effluent Treatment Plant
- Water and Wastewater Treatment Plant, Recycle and Reuse
- Caustic Recovery
- Color Removal
- Cooling Tower Treatment
- Environmental Compliance

Chemical Plant


Most advanced and efficient product portfolio to meet stringent requirements of pharmaceutical and life science industry.
- Zero Liquid Discharge
- Brine Minimization
- Effluent Treatment Plant
- Solvent Recovery
- Environmental Regulatory Compliance
- Ultrapure Water Generation

Rosemary Cosmetics


Offering reliability and sustainability for demanding textile industry.
- Color removal
- Wastewater treatment plant for recyle and reuse
- Resource recovery

Textile Wastewater

Paper and Pulp

Efficient, reliable and robust membrane products and processes for water treatment. 
- Wastewater treatment plant for Recycle and Reuse
- Acid and Caustic Recovery
- Starch and Cellulose Recovery
- Effluent Treatment Plant
- Cooling Tower Water Treatment

Industrial Tanks

Power Plant

Offering wide range of efficient, robust and reliable water and wastewater treatment plant systems. 
- Flue Gas Desulfurization
- Effluent Treatment Plant for Recycle and Reuse
- Brine Minimization
- Sea Water Desalination
- Softning
- Cooling Tower Blowdown Treatment

Nuclear power station

Oil & Gas

Fulfilling the need of stringent and demanding needs of oil and gas industry.
- Produced water treatment
- Oil-water separation
- Wastewater treatment plant for recycle and reuse
- Brine Minimization
- Desalination



Our membrane products and filters help to achieve enhanced water and resource recovery. 
- Effluent Treatment Plant
- Wastewater Treatment Plant for Recycle and Reuse
- Paint and Pigment Recovery
- Carwash Wastewater Treatment
- Electro-coating Process Water Treatment
- MBR Technology for wastewater recycle

Car-making factory


Our membrane products efficiently delivers on stringent water quality requirements and minimises waste.
- Effluent Treatment Plant
- Wastewater Treatment Plant for Recycle and Reuse
- Ultrapure Water Treatment
- Dewatering of Feed Source
- Whey Powder Manufacturing
- MBR Technology for ETP
- Forward Osmosis for Resource Recovery

ETP for Dairy

Food and Beverage

We provide wide range of solutions for selective removal of nutrients, concentration of juices, milk, beverages, liquid food, product purification and waste minimization. 
- Wastewater Treatment Plant for Recycle and Reuse
- Zero Liquid Discharge
- Raw Water Treatment
- Waster Softning
- Resource Recovery
- MBR Technology for ETP
- Forward Osmosis for ZLD

Kiwi Juice
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