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Innovations for Water Sustainability

Industrial Wastewater, Effluent and Sewage Treatment Plant Manufacturer, Supplier and Sustainable Solutions Provider

GreenPebble Technologies is an innovation-driven membrane products and systems provider focusing on energy efficiency, quality and reliability.

About Us

Water supports life. We innovate for Water.

GreenPebble Technologies (GPT) is an innovation-driven water and wastewater treatment plant manufacturer, and supplier based in India. We specialise in providing cutting-edge water filtration membrane solutions that give high sustainability and efficiency.


Our unique approach to building modular and fully-integrated plant setup allows us to be a trusted and reliable partner as an industrial effluent and sewage treatment plant manufacturer and supplier.

We serve clients across various sectors with a focus on quality, client-centricity and a creative mindset to meet the requirements of ever-growing market demands.

Moreover, we provide several proprietary membrane products including, but not limited to, Ultrafiltration (UF), MBR Membrane, 

Forward Osmosis, Nanofiltration, Membrane Distillation (MD) etc.

Membranes for Water and Wastewater Treatment

Products and Solutions

Effluent Treatment Plant Manufacturer Supplier

Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP)

GPT is a leading manufacturer and supplier of compact and efficient effluent treatment plant in India to reduce, recycle and reuse waste resources. We offer sustainability driven cleaner processing methods to improve water and energy efficiency.

Sewage Treatment Plant Manufacturer Supplier

Sewage Treatment Plants (STP)

We design, manufacture and supply efficient, reliable and modular sewage treatment plant system. Our focus on providing wide range of treatment capacities makes us a differentiated solutions provider delivering on increased water and energy efficiency.

Water Filtration Membrane

Membranes for Water Filtration

Wide range of membrane products with assurance to provide excellent product water quality, membrane life and process efficiency. Some of the key membrane products are UF, RO, Forward Osmosis, Membrane Distillation, ED and Membrane Bioreactor (MBR technology).

Filters for Sewage and Effluent Treatment Plant

Filters and Filter Media

Improve efficiency and reduce waste using using efficient and customized collection of filters and filter media for wastewater treatment and effluent treatment plant in India

Water Treatment Chemicals for Effluent and Sewage Treatment Plant

Water Treatment Chemicals

Fulfil membrane cleaning needs by leveraging our wide range of treatment chemicals for industries and wastewater treatment plant manufacturers

Containerised Desalination Plant for Water Treatment

Packaged Desalination Plants

Fully integrated and easily deployable, prefabricated, and modular desalination water treatment plants to meet growing needs of fresh water

GreenPebble Tech provides wide range of treatment solutions being a wastewater treatment plant manufacturer and supports in achieving challenging goals of sustainability, efficiency and consistency.

Wastewater Treatment for Chemical Industry


Manufacturer and Supplier of WTP, STP and Effluent Treatment Plant in India

Wastewater Treatment for Pharma Industry


Efficient and Reliable Process Solutions for Water and Wastewater treatment

Water and Wastewater Treatment for Textile Industry


Trusted and Tested Treatment Solutions

Water and Wastewater Treatment for Food and Beverage Industry

Food & Beverage

Safe and Secure Solutions for Superior Quality

Water and Wastewater Treatment for Industry

Water and Wastewater Treatment Plant

Performance in Packaged Plant Solutions

Packaged Desalination Plant


Designed for Excellence in Water Purification

Water and Wastewater Treatment for Paper Industry

Paper & Pulp

Resource Recovery for Improved Sustainability

Water Treatment in Hospitality Sector

Hotel & Hospitality

Advanced Water Treatment for Assured Quality and Care for the Environment 

Contact Us

For any water and wastewater treatment related inquiries, please contact us on: info@greenpebbletech.com

Vendors and suppliers, please provide your products and services details to: contact@greenpebbletech.com

For prospective job and career-related inquires, please send email to job@greenpebbletech.com 

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