GreenPebble Technologies provides water and wastewater treatment solutions and delivers end-to-end Industrial Water Treatment Plants on a turn-key basis

Our focus area is industrial effluent treatment, sea water desalination, zero liquid discharge (ZLD) and wastewater recycle using customized water treatment solutions and filtration systems.

We develop and deliver innovative water treatment solutions using most advanced membrane-based technologies to achieve high quality water in a most economical and sustainable manner.

Our company has established itself as an innovative and sustainable Water Treatment Plant Manufacturer that is committed to provide most optimized, integrated, and economical solutions.

Our Membrane Process Solutions portfolio caters to the need of diverse sectors including chemical process industries (CPI), textile, food and beverages, pharmaceuticals, oil and gas etc. Our wide range of expertise covers conventional technologies such as micro-and ultrafiltration (MF and UF), Reverse Osmosis (RO), Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) etc. to some of the most advanced ones including Forward Osmosis (FO), Electrodialysis (ED/EDR), Membrane Distillation (MD) etc.

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Our Mission

GreenPebble Technologies believes in providing innovation-driven technological solutions that overcomes conventional barriers and creates an opportunity for differentiated products and processes solving existing water, healthcare and energy challenges. Our approach is to incorporate multidisciplinary technical understanding of material science, chemistry, engineering and nanotechnology to provide customer-centric, sustainable and economical solutions.

Our Solution

Water is an essential commodity and with increased industrialization and growth of population it is even more important to adopt ways to efficiently treat, recycle and reused wastewater. Wastewater originates mainly from domestic, commercial and industrial establishments which uses water from various sources of groundwater, surface water and rain water. We provide end-to-end solutions to variety of filtration and disinfection based processes that can be used to clean up wastewaters.


GreenPebble Technologies is one of the leading Industrial Water Treatment Plant Manufacturers in India at Ahmedabad. Forward Osmosis (FO) is a naturally occurring membrane process in which semi-permeable membrane separated by different salinity mediums generates osmotic pressure gradient across membrane. FO is applicable to exploit osmotic pressure to extract clean water from industrial waste water using concentrated draw solution. In some cases, concentrated draw solutions can be seawater to generate sweet water with significantly low energy.

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